Girls Varsity Cross Country · KSJC Athlete of the Month – October: Lesly Guzman

Congratulations to Lesly Guzman, our first ever Athlete of the Month!

When asked about Lesly, her coaches said, “Lesly has shown incredible improvement this season.  In just a month since the first regular league meet, Lesly has improved her time by almost a full two minutes, finish the mountainous 3 mile course in 25:32 during the most recent PSAL #3 League Meet.  After finishing 27th in her first league race, she improved her standing all the way to 16th in this past race, helping the girls team secure a 5th place finish.” – Coach Hansen/Coach McCormack


We asked Lesly to reflect on her experience with Cross Country:


“Throughout high school, I spent most of my time studying and getting good grades. I was always interested in joining sports, but I was afraid that my grades will drop if I joined. However, I really wanted to try something new my senior year, so I joined Cross Country. I remember my very first day of cross country practice during the summer break in August. I threw up after running the timed mile and I remember feeling embarrassed because all the cross country members were watching me. Even after that embarrassing moment, Mr. McCormack tried to make me feel better and so did two other friends. The positive vibe I got from both the team and the coaches made me want to come to cross country every day. I completely changed both my diet and exercising routine just to get faster because in the first mile I ran about a 10 minute mile, which is very slow for me. By pushing myself during practice and creating new friendships, I drastically improved my time. The first time I ran in the first cross country meet in Crystal Springs, I remember feeling so nervous because we were running 3 miles in the steep track course. I remember finishing the course and feeling like crap but I loved the feeling of accomplishment. This motivated me to do my best both at practice and during the cross country meets. If I had to summarize my experience in the team, I’d say that I don’t regret joining the Cross Country team because it made me into a better person. ” – Lesly Guzman


Please wish Lesly good luck at the PSAL Championship Meet this Thursday!