Multiple Teams · Make Up Assignment for Meet the Coaches Night – Winter

If you were unable to attend Meet the Coaches Night this past Thursday, completing the following assignment will count as your attendance for the event.  You will also sit out tryouts until Wednesday, November 1, but you should still go to tryouts and sit on the sideline.

Please follow the following steps to complete the assignments:

Soccer, Basketball, and Cheer

  1. CLICK HERE to watch a video presentation of Meet the Coaches Night.  Note: Both the Student-Athlete and one Parent or Guardian need to watch the video.
  2. Once you have finished watching the presentation, answer the following questions in an email and send them to Mr. McCormack at  In order to be cleared I need to receive one email from the Student-Athlete and one  email from the parent:
    1. Student-Athletes
      1. What is Rule 600?
      2. What is the 8 semester rule?
      3. What is expected of KSJC Student-Athletes according to the Code of Conduct?
      4. What are two signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
    2. Parents
      1. What are the four roles at any Athletic-Contest and why are they important?
      2. What are the first two steps in the communication ladder and what is the 24 hour rule?
      3. What are two benefits of your student participating in athletics that were presented in the video?
      4. What are two signs of a concussion?
  3. CLICK HERE to print and sign this form after you have watched the video AND completed all registration/clearance information at

Other than the above, make sure you complete all other eligibility requirements before coming to tryouts.  Contact Mr. McCormack with any questions at 805-304-7926 or