Wolfpack News · McCormack Voted CCS Rookie Athletic Director of the Year

By Christine Dela Rosa

On November 5, 2018, athletic directors from all around the section met and selected athletic directors of the year.  Because of his hard work and dedication in turning around the athletic and school community of KSJC, athletic directors voted and recognized our very own Mr. McCormack as the Rookie AD of the Year for the section.  Recipients of this award are eligible if they have been an athletic director for four or less years and have shown excellence in their job.

Pacific Bay Christian’s Athletic Director and Commissioner of the Private School Athletic League (known as PSAL) had this to say about McCormack, “He has done a great job being a sounding board not just in our league but also as our representative for the CCS in things like soccer.”  Other athletic directors also had things to say such as, “he has really been a leader for our community, always willing to jump in and do projects.”

Ryan McCormack has been serving as the Athletic Director since 2016.  In his time as AD, KSJC’s sports program has experienced all time success which has bled through our campus in the form of school spirit and joy.  On top of being AD, he has also served as the boys’ soccer head coach who brought home the first PSAL league championship in school history in the 2014-2015 season.  He has also lead the Cross Country team to back to back CCS appearances on both the girls and boys side.  Traditions like the East Side Cup during Homecoming, athletic awards given at the end of the year, and renovations to the small gym are only a few examples of the contributions of McCormack’s work as AD.  He has had an immense impact on our campus and it is being recognized throughout the Central Coast Section.  Congratulations Mr. McCormack!