Multiple Teams · KSJC Athletics Hosts Winter Sports Banquets

Last Thursday, the KSJC Athletics Department hosted an Athletics Department sponsored Post-Season Banquet for Basketball, Soccer, and Cheer.  The event was held in C-Commons and D-Commons on the Independence Campus, and was attended by over 100 student-athletes, parents, family members, friends, and KSJC staff members.  After dinner, the coaches put on a program to honor the teams involved, and handed out team and league honors.  League honors were released in separate articles earlier today, but the team honors are listed below.  Check out the award winners and the picture gallery at the bottom.  Congrats to Basketball, Soccer, and Cheer on their great seasons!

All-Academic Team

  • Aaliyah Fernandez
  • Adam Gonzales
  • Adriana Cruz Hernandez
  • Andrea Marin
  • Anthony Fernandez
  • Anthony Phung
  • Arlette Hernandez
  • Austin Chang
  • Brianna Baustista
  • Brianna Delatorre
  • Bryan ibanez
  • Carlos Alvarez
  • Cassandra Rivas Ibarra
  • Cassandra Yera Licon
  • Claire Hsu
  • Darren Vu
  • David Soberano
  • Fiona Phung
  • Francisco Aguirre
  • Gabriel Velazquez
  • Giovanna Rodriguez-Lozano
  • Giselle Chiprez
  • Isaias Luna Ramirez
  • Jaclyn Torres Abundis
  • Jade Le
  • Jaqueline Huizar
  • Jazmin Medina
  • Jennifer Ortega
  • Job Mitra
  • Joshua Osorio
  • Josue Martinez
  • Juan Meza
  • Julia Silva
  • Julian Chavez
  • Justin Huynh
  • Kaitlyn Vu
  • Kiara Santana
  • Kyle Kinard
  • Maria Castillo
  • Maritza Pinedo
  • Melissa Perez
  • Melody Hu
  • Nayeli Abundis Mora
  • Paola Ramirez
  • Patricia Payumo
  • Sahira Madera Gutierrez
  • Salvador Vazquez
  • Samantha Herrera
  • Sara Ramirez
  • Shelley Ly
  • Sierra Estifanos
  • Sola Taimani
  • Sophia Munoz
  • Thuyvi Nguyen
  • Tiffany Yu
  • Valeria Del Real

Boys Soccer

  • Most Improved – Job Mitra
  • Coach’s Award – Steve Rosales
  • Offensive MVP – Eduardo Yanez
  • Defensive MVP – Juan Centeno


Girls Soccer

  • Most Improved – Adriana Cruz
  • Coach’s Award – Maritza Pinedo
  • Offensive MVP – Giovanna Rodriguez-Lozano
  • Defensive MVP – Izabelle Hernandez


  • Most Improved – Patricia Payumo
  • Coach’s Award – Melissa Perez
  • Spirit Award – Fiona Phung
  • Leader of the Pack – Veronica Nicole Garcia Damian

Boys JV Basketball

  • Most Improved – Gabriel Velazquez
  • Coach’s Award – Anthony Phung
  • Offensive MVP – Darren Vu
  • Defensive MVP – Nico Licen

Girls JV Basketball

  • Most Improved – Melody Hu
  • Coach’s Award – Claire Hsu
  • Offensive MVP – Kaitlyn Vu
  • Defensive MVP – Jacqueline Huizar

Boys Varsity Basketball

  • Most Improved – Julian Calderon
  • Coach’s Award – Isaiah Aguirre
  • Offensive MVP – Kyle DePadua
  • Defensive MVP – Alex Flores

Girls Varsity Basketball

  • Most Improved – Jocelyn Silva
  • Coach’s Award – Thuyvi Nguyen
  • Offensive MVP – Shelley Ly
  • Defensive MVP – Sierra Estifanos


Boys Varsity Basketball
Boys JV Basketball
Girls Varsity Basketball
Girls JV Basketball
Varsity Cheer
PSAL Honor Coach Christine Dela Rosa and PSAL 2nd Team All-League Thuyvi Nguyen.
PSAL 1st Team All-League for Basketball and the two PSAL South Honor Coaches for basketball (Left to Right): Sunny Singh, Kyle DePadua, Sierra Estifanos, Shelley Ly, and Christine Dela Rosa.


PSAL All-League Award Winner for Soccer (Left to Right): Maritza Pinedo, Jennifer Ortega, Giovanna Rodriguez Lozano, Sahira Madera, Izabelle Hernandez, Francisco Aguirre, Joshua Osorio, Cristian Perez, Eduardo Yanez, Isaias Luna Ramirez, and Steve Rosales.
Girls Varsity Soccer Team
KSJC All-Academic Team for Soccer (Left to Right): Francisco Aguirre, Isaias Luna-Ramirez, Joshua Osorio, Julian Chavez, Giovanna Rodriguez-Lozano, Sahira Madera, Jazmin Medina, Valeria Del Real, Adrianna Cruz, Jennifer Ortega, Maritza Pinedo, and Jaclyn Torres Abundis.