Multiple Teams · Winter Awards Week – PSAL All-League Selections

Last week, the PSAL Board of Managers met to ratify the All-League selections voted on by coaches of their respective sports.  KSJC had a tremendous night, with several student-athletes being recognized by the coaches of the league.  Those selected for 1st Team All-League recipients were considered to be among the best players to constitute a starting line up for their sport (11 for soccer, 5 for basketball).  2nd Team All-League recipients were considered the next top set of student-athletes from the league.  Finally, those selected to receive Honorable Mentions were amongst the third set of players considered.  All are high honors, and we are proud of all these athletes’ work and contributions this past season.

Below is the list of award winners at each level:

PSAL 1st Team All-League

Shelley Ly, Girls Basketball, Sophomore

Sierra Estifanos, Girls Basketball, Senior

Kyle DePadua, Boy Basketball, Sophomore

Jennifer Ortega, Girls Soccer, Senior

Paola Ramirez, Girls Soccer, Senior

Maritza Pinedo, Girls Soccer, Sophomore

Eduardo Yanez, Boys Soccer, Senior

Steve Rosales, Boys Soccer, Senior

Isaias Luna Ramirez, Boys Soccer Senior

PSAL 2nd Team All-League

Thuyvi Nguyen, Girls Basketball, Sophomore

Giovanna Lozano-Rodriguez, Girls Soccer, Junior

Shakira Aguirre, Girls Soccer, Sophomore

Juan Centeno, Boys Soccer, Junior

Cristian Perez, Boys Soccer, Freshman

PSAL Honorable Mention

Sahira Madera, Girls Soccer, Junior

Izabelle Hernandez, Girls Soccer, Freshman

Joshua Osorio, Boys Soccer, Sophomore

Francisco Aguirre, Boys Soccer, Senior