Multiple Teams · KSJC Athletics Hosts Spring Sports Banquet

This past Tuesday, the KSJC Athletics Department hosted the Spring Sports Post-Season Banquet for the Golf, Track & Field, Baseball, and Softball Teams.  The event was held in C-Commons on the Independence Campus, and was attended by over 100 student-athletes, parents, family members, friends, and KSJC staff members.  After dinner, the coaches put on a program to honor the teams involved, and handed out team and league honors.  League honors will be published in articles throughout the week. Check out the team award winners and the picture gallery at the bottom.  Congrats to Golf, Track & Field, Baseball, and Softball on their great seasons!

All-Academic Team

The awards for the All-Academic Team recognizes students that have received an unweighted 3.0 at the end of 3rd quarter.  These students have shown tremendous dedication to their studies, even with the added time commitment that is demanded for varsity teams here at KSJC.  

Cristian Becerra

Emilio Delgadillo

Joel Peña

David Luna

Alvin Banh

Jaskaran Batth

Raymond Chan

Sameep Gidda

Kyle Kinard

Glenn Anthony Lopez

Nathan Nguyen

Kai Oda

Andre Pham

Spencer Tang

Salvador Tapia

Samantha Aguila

Marianne Cachola

Jazmine Canales

Joanna Canales

Daisy Carmona

Celine De Villa

Vivian Ha

Lucy Han

Thuy Trina Ho

Claire Hsu

Vickey Kim

Kelly Le

Ariana Lozano Nuño

Aaliyah Mohammed

Anyah Monterrosa

Meliah Monterrosa

Jessica Pham

Cindy Tran

Kaitlyn Vu

Giselle Chiprez

Tiffany Dang

Thuyvi Nguyen

Jessica Nuñez

Destiny Peña

Yusuf Ali

Adam Gonzalez

Ethan Khuu Tran

Daniel Le

Mayank Modi

Travis Nguyen

Ethan Phan

Nathan Phan

Ethan Pugay

Kayla Wong

Baseball All-Academic Team
Track & Field All-Academic Team
Softball All-Academic Team
Golf All-Academic Team


From Left to Right: Yusuf Ali, Ethan Khuu-Tran, Daniel Le, Travis Nguyen, Ethan Phan, Adam Gonzalez, Nathan Phan, ThyThy Tran, and Coach Diaz.
Rookie of the Year – Thythy Tran
Player of the Year – Daniel Le
Most Improved Player – Travis Nguyen

Not Pictured – Coach’s Award Winner, Kayla Wong

From Left to Right: Coach Diaz, Travis Nguyen, Thythy Tran, and Daniel Le.


From Left to Right: Coach Reza, Erick Quiroz, Joal Pena, Cristian Becerra, Leon Osias, Conrad Mateo, David Luna, and Coach Nunez.
Most Improved Player – Conrad Mateo
Defensive Player of the Year – Leon Osias
Coach’s Award – Joal Pena
Most Valuable Player – Cristian Becerra
From Left to Right: Coach Nunez, Leon Osias, Cristian Becerra, Joal Pena, Conrad Mateo, and Coach Reza.


From Left to Right: Andrea Marin, Marlen Gomez, Annemarie Gonzalez, Thuyvi Nguyen, Tiffany Dang, Jessica Nunez, Izabelle Hernandez, Julissa Nunez, Giselle Chiprez, and Coach Lockett
Most Improved Player – Jessica Nunez
Defensive Most Valuable Player – Julissa Nunez

Not Pictured – Coach’s Award Winner, Destiny Pena, and Most Valuable Player, Sola-ki-Vava’u Taimani

From Left to Right: Jessica Nunez, Coach Lockett, and Julissa Nunez

Track & Field

From Left to Right, Front to Back: Andre Pham, Jaskaran Batth, Anthony Phung, Fabian Gonzalez, Arianna Lozano-Nuno, Aaliyah Mohammed, Jackie Huizar, Spencer Tang, Trina Ho, Samantha Aguila, Celine De Villa, Daisy Carmona, Michelle Diaz, Clair Hsu, Sharon Tran, Cindy Tran, Sergio Mora, Josue Martinez, Raymond Chan, Karla Porres, Jessica Pham, Marianne Cachola, Kaitlyn Vu, Vivian Ha, Madison Tlatenchi, Jazmine Canales, Joanna Canales, Coach Monagle, Kyle DePadua, Ramon Valencia, Kyle Kinard, Kai Oda, Nico Licen, Salvador Tapia, Gabriel Velazquez, Nathan Nguyen, Alan Casorla, Coach Reed, Glenn Anthony Lopez, Sameep Gidda, Lucy Han, and Alvin Banh
Female Sprinter of the Year – Aaliyah Mohammed
Male Sprinter of the Year – Alan Casorla
Male Distance Runner of the Year – Fabian Gonzalez
Female Distance Runner of the Year – Joanna Canales
Female Thrower of the Year – Cindy Tran
Male Thrower of the Year – Ramon Valencia
Female Jumper of the Year – Claire Hsu
Male Jumper of the Year – Kyle DePadua
Coach’s Award – Samantha Aguila
Captain’s Award – Nathan Nguyen
From Left to Right, Front to Back: Joanna Canales, Claire Hsu, Cindy Tran, Samantha Aguila, Ramon Valencia, Coach Monagle, Alan Casorla, Fabian Gonzalez, Kyle DePadua, Aaliyah Mohammed, Nathan Nguyen, and Coach Reed.