Boys Varsity Baseball, Girls Varsity Softball · Spring Sports Awards: PSAL All-League

From Left to Right: Coach Reza, Coach Nunez, David Luna, Conrad Mateo, Cristian Becerra, Leon Osias, Thuyvi Nguyen, Julissa Nunez, Izabelle Hernandez, and Coach Lockett.

The PSAL Board of Managers voted to ratify the PSAL All-League Award recipients this past Thursday, May 16th.  All-League Awards are given to the top players in that given sport across the league as voted on by the coaches.  For baseball and softball, the top 9 players are given 1st Team All-PSAL, the second 9 players are given 2nd-Team All-PSAL, and the third 9 players are given PSAL Honorable Mention.  At this past meeting, 8 KSJC student-athletes were recognized for their achievements.  Check out the All-League Teams below.  Howl on, Wolfpack! Howl on!

PSAL Softball 1st Team All-League

Sola-ki-Vava’u Tamani, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Alexis Moya, Latino College Prep

Dayanira Leon, Latino College Prep

Ana Gomez, Latino College Prep

Presley Matteucci, Summit Shasta

Milana Galligani, Summit Shasta

Taylor Pacheco, Pac Bay

Baylee Larson, Pac Bay

Alandra Martinez, Pac Bay

Sarah Zambrano, Pac Bay

PSAL Softball 2nd Team All-League

Julissa Nunez, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Izabelle Hernandez, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Jatziry Martinez, Latino College Prep

Isabel Agredano, Latino College Prep

Jocelyn Maya, Latino College Prep

Serena Spada, Summit Shasta

Alexa Estoque, Summit Shasta

Keely Anderberg, Pac Bay

Heidy Acosta, DCP Alum Rock

Alisha Redmond, DCP Alum Rock

PSAL Softball Honorable Mention

Thuyvi Nguyen, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Karla Mendoza, Latino College Prep

Aspen Matteucci, Summit Shasta

Alexa Huaman, Summit Shasta

Fiona O’Neil, Pac Bay

Sophia Lanham, Pac Bay

Claudia Perez, DCP Alum Rock

Calista Dolloga, DCP Alum Rock

PSAL South Baseball 1st Team All-League

Diego Lopez, Thomas More

Anthony Cortese, Thomas More

Eric Burton, Pinewood

Carlos Lopez, Thomas More

Liam Smith, Pinewood

John Raisley, North Valley Baptist

Declan Oxendine, North Valley Baptist

Louis Lopez, Latino College Prep

Jesus Velasquez, DCP Alum Rock

Kolton Budge, Pinewood

PSAL South Baseball 2nd Team All-League

David Luna, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Cristian Becerra, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Max Selway, Thomas More

Miguel Sanchez, Latino College Prep

Justin Corr, Thomas More

Thomas DeTar, Thomas More

Owen Terry, Pinewood

Davey Sloan, North Valley Baptist

Colton McMasters, DCP Alum Rock

Josh Parayne, North Valley Baptist

PSAL South Baseball Honorable Mention

Leon Osias, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Conrad Mateo, KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Tommy Jauregui, Latino College Prep

Quintin Selway, Thomas More

Nick DeTar, Thomas More

Jonah Martinez, North Valley Baptist

Romin Vasishta, Pinewood

Jacob Romke, North Valley Baptist

Carlos Lomeli, DCP Alum Rock