Wolfpack News · CIF/CCS/PSAL Decisions on Sports for ’20-’21 seasons

On Monday, CIF came out with their statements in regards to California High School sports.  On Tuesday, CCS also came out with their guidelines regarding CIF’s decision.  Below are their main announcements:

  • Sports will commence December 14, 2020
  • All sports have been condensed to fit within two seasons
  • The sports’ season calendar has been altered so dates are not regular to what they have been in the past

Our KSJC athletics staff is working hard to make sure that this season happens with the safety of our community being the number one thing. Depending on the status of KSJC and the school schedule, check in regularly at our website and @ksjcathletics on instagram so you do not miss out on key updates regarding playing next year.  Everything is still changing and updating on a daily basis.  Make sure you listen to all announcements, check social media/ksjcathletics.com, and read all correspondence coming from the school for the most updated information.  If you have any questions, contact Ms. Dela Rosa at christine.delarosa@kippsanjose.org.