Letter from the AD

Dear Student-Athletes and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in participating in the interscholastic athletics program at KIPP San Jose Collegiate. As a former athlete and current coach, it is my experience that students involved in sports benefit both on and off the field of play.   I’m honored by the opportunity to work with our coaches, student-athletes, and community members to make this the best education-based athletics experience possible for our kids.

The KIPP San Jose Collegiate Athletics Program prides itself in providing an education-based sports program.  The field of play is treated here like an extension of the classroom.  Students will grow physically, mentally, and emotionally through their participation in sports here.  While we will strive for excellence on and off the field, we will never do so at the expense of sportsmanship, responsibility, and character.

Athletics are a constantly growing and integral part of our school culture.  With that, it is our expectation that our student-athletes have a positive influence on their peers and proudly represent KIPP San Jose Collegiate at all times.  Our student-athletes will be expected to serve as role models not only on campus or at sporting contests, but in the community at school and in East San Jose as well.

We recognize that although our student-athletes are the individuals in the actual competitions, it takes a community of stakeholders to make any athletics program successful.  Our mascot, the Wolfpack, exemplifies our philosophy that we are all better when we work together.  The coaches and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with our families to ensure the best possible outcomes for your student-athletes.

Any successful athletic program includes rules that govern the spirit of participation and competition for the school. These rules need a broad basis of community understanding which is achieved through communication to the staff, parents, and student-athletes. We hope to accomplish our objectives through this document, the KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School Athletic Handbook. Please take the time to look through the following booklet and familiarize yourself with it.  It is crucial that all stakeholders understand the philosophies, guidelines, policies, procedures, and expectations that we have for all members of our athletic program.

KIPP San Jose Collegiate strives to become one of the premier charter athletics programs in the Private School Athletics League and the Central Coast Section.  As such, we will work hard to establish and uphold high standards for all participants in our program.  This can only be achieved when students, coaches, parents, and the entire school community support our mission.

I look forward to working with you all for the benefit of our students.


Christine Dela Rosa
Athletic Director